Iceage: New Brigade

What we have here is quite a new band hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark signed to a New York-based label What’s Your Rupture. They exist since 2008 but there wasn’t any EP or demo so this is the first record of them and I have to say it sounds pretty cool. In the end of June they played their first show in Brooklyn. It was already sold out. Some people talk about ‘the new hope in punk’.

The first thought as I watched the cover was WU LYF. It seems like those mysterious signs are kind of a trend now but as I kinda like WU LYF I definitely gave these guys a listen too. The songs aren’t that long and the whole album runs about 24 minutes, but I loved it. I heard a lot older post-punk and new/no wave-bands I love out of their songs like Joy Division or even Swans, I heard hardcore, I heard some shoegazing and there are also some catchy rock passages. It seems like you can hear about a dozen bands out of one single song which is absolutely an awesome fact. The guitars sounds very noisy, the production is thick and heavy and the vocals which reminds me a lot of The Smiths fits totally into the kind of listenable noise they produced. The pace is always very high what makes this album even more punk than rock.

All in all I really like this album and already heard it a few times through. For a first album it’s more than just good and this is a clear sign that the scene lives. Punk isn’t dead yet!

  • 8.5/10

Download // Buy it // Website

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