Washed Out: Within And Without

Within And Without, the new album from Washed Out, the stage name of chillwave-artist Ernest Greene came out on 11 July on Sub Pop Records and peaked 26 on U.S Billboard Top 200. The cover catches the eye and secondly the music takes you with its beautiful soundscapes to a place far away from problems or any struggle.

It’s perfect to just turn off everything and just be there and listen to this record. I think chillwave will be much more recognized in the future with awesome artists like Beach House or Twin Shadow, something like a new wave of modern pop if you want to call it like that. Ernest Greene accomplished the balancing act between New Order-ish electronic music and modern indie influences. Oh, I shouldn’t say that word again, let’s just call it rock. I don’t know if I like it better than the 2009 EP Life Of Leisure, because with songs like New Theory, Feel It All Around and especially You’ll See It, he almost reached perfection, but it’s an awesome jam also. Ernest Greene kept the good of Life Of Leisure and added new ideas to create a soundtrack to cozy summer nights at the lake.

Especially Eyes Be Closed, the earlier released single, Soft and Amor Fati, the third track of the record got stucked in my head. All in all it’s a perfect chill-out to just forget about what is happening around you, so dive into smooth soundscapes by Washed Out.

  • 8.3/10

Download // Buy It // Myspace

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