Casper: xoxo

I know I’m late with this review but anyway I wanted to show you this piece of art. It’s almost the only german rap-act I can hear because sex, drugs & rock’n’roll is not his only lyrical theme but struggles in normal life and that’s one big thing I really like about Casper.

The lyrics are very easy to learn and are at highest stage and you can think about them. There is almost no track I skip when I listen to this record, there are much emotions come up when I listen to these songs because he sings out of his heart and with so much bitter truth. The new record peaked #1 in Germany and is hyped on MTV and at this point the scene is forked, the ones who know him through his chartpeak, the ones who listened to him before he released XOXO and the ones who don’t listen to him anymore because he got too famous and isn’t underground anymore. You can call it overrated but he definitely deserve the success. I think it’s childish to not listen to music because it’s too famous. For me it’s a perfect mix of hip-hop and rock or hardcore and I am glad to see him on MTV.

There is not really a bad song but there are the highlights like ‘Der Druck Steigt’, the ‘Grizzly-song’ in which he describes his childhood or ‘Kontrolle/ Schlaf’, the last track on XOXO. And there are some worse songs like the new single ‘So Perfekt’ whereat I just don’t like the part from the feature artist Marteria. All in all it’s a very nice record and I think it made hip-hop accesible for an expanded mass.

  • 9/10

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