Touché Amoré: Parting The Sea Between Brightness And Me

Touché Amoré are a screamo act hailing from L.A. California influenced by bands such as Modern Life Is War currently on Europe tour with La Dispute and Death Is Not Glamorous. They brought out their second record on Deathwish Records on 6th of June. It has been leaked months before it has officially been released so I already knew the record. They gained high popularity with this record. I think they are now ideals for many young screamo bands that are new formed at the moment.

The meaning of the title is ‘to find comfort in oneself’ as vocalist Jeremy Bolm said in the interviews. They had a hard job by outgun their first record ‘…To The Beat of a Dead Horse’ but I have to say they did their job really good. It has been recorded live to give it a more raw and legit feeling. With a running time of 20 minutes and 13 tracks it has the same short track length as his predecessor and some might have very long to be into the tracks. It had very good critics saying it is a worthy representative of ‘…To The Beat of a Dead Horse’. The lyrics are pretty easy to learn and my personal favourites are ‘Art Official’, ‘Uppers / Downer’ and ‘Method Act’.

I had my fun with the record and it’s spinning on repeat at home. By the way if you have the chance to see them live please don’t miss it, they are awesome live. Jeremy Bolm sounds exactly like on the record. Screamo lives!

  • 8.2/10

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