Girls: Father, Son, Holy Ghost

Father, Son, Holy Ghost, the new Girls record is finally here. One of my most acclaimed new releases of the year. Already from Album to Broken Dreams Club you can hear their progression from ‘good-mood’ indie-rock to a more serious direction. Now on Father, Son, Holy Ghost they sound like the 60’s decorated with lots of interesting details from all over the past decades.

The album starts as their first full-length with a catchy opener, Honey Bunny which was previously released on Vinyl. Oh, the second track Die. That was some awesome 60’s or 70’s rock pure. So much memories came back to me. So many great bands I heard out of this song. Raw and dirty. And that ending-part gave me goosebumps. I heard out some Pink Floyd in their beginings. Definitely one of the best songs on the record. How Can I Say I Love You is a homelike ballad you can also range in the typical 70’s sound. Two more highlights are Myma and Vomit. Great organ, smooth tunes, ‘old-but-gold’-feeling and some great riffing. Vomit was already released as a single previously and also a music video was made. First of all I liked the development at the end with the female gospel singers and the organ. Could name Procol Harum, Jethro Tull or King Crimson as influences and I loved it. Next track Just A Song starts acoustic and turns into a slow untroubled ballad, added with many elements such as a flute in the background. Magic, the next song is again a classic concepted song of Girls. It’s what they played on the first records, ‘summer-sun-good-mood’-rock. Forgiveness is with nearly 8 minutes the longest track on Father, Son, Holy Ghost. The first five minutes are mostly acoustic with timbals and then turns also into a modern classic rock track. Succesfull. Love Life and Jamie Marie, the last two tracks are again calm but powerful and finish the album with perfectly fitting organ that leaves you in a quiet and peaceful mood.

I instantly liked the album though I liked their old style also. They found the balance between many decades and also knew their roots and there were as good as no bad songs on Father, Son, Holy Ghost. With lyrics of love, loss and solitude and the right balance between sad and happy melodies they already nearly reached perfection on their second full-length. I recommend it to fans of older classic rock or just friends of music. And so I strained look forward to see them this winter. And now go and buy this fuckin’ piece of art.

  • 9/10

(Get Father, Son, Holy Ghost here)

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