Wild Flag: s/t

Wild Flag is an American supergroup from Portland, Oregon and Washington, formed last year consisting of Carrie Brownstein, Mary timony, Rebecca Cole and Janet Weiss, all former members of Helium and The Minders. They are quite new to me so I thought I’ll check them out. They brought out their first self-titled record yesterday through Merge Records. The cover artwork isn’t that creative or great to look at but don’t judge on that.

It all starts furious with the opener Romance, fresh female vocals and decent riffing. Something Came Over Me is slower but also good. They do without many keyboards-parts or great effects but still create an interesting sound. Boom is one of the highlight of the album, with crazy rifflines and livid female shouting. Glass Tambourine has a sixties vibe but you could do it better. The vocal lines did not hit me that much on this track. Until the second half, then it turns to another highlight on the album. I am glad this turned out into something. They used well considered effects which makes it even better. I also like Endless Talk and I recognized this record got more psych to its end. This track has a catchy melody like Short Version, the next track. The pace got faster and the riffs got more complex and the vocals are still rough and angry. The next two tracks Electric Band and Future Crimes weren’t my favourites but they also had their moments. Racehorse is again one of the highlights and with nearly seven minutes running-time the longest track on Wild Flag. It has all you need, good riffs, awesome organ jingle and nice vocal lines. And we are already at the las track of the album. Black Tiles is mid-paced, disburden the listener but still is enjoyable. Another highlight is the last minute of the song. Guitar soli at the end of an album are always nice.

This is a very mature and professionnal debut. You would never give these ladies that they formed last year but they surely brought their know-how from their former bands. Anyway it’s still great though. I liked it a lot and will listen and recommend it. With the roots in the 60’s/70’s they are at the right place for sure. Just check them out, you won’t be dissapointed. Another great release in a great musical year 2011.

  • 8/10

(Get Wild Flag here)

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