Veronica Falls: s/t

London indie-pop band Veronica Falls, the british answer to Crystal Stilts and Vivian Girls and formed in 2009, brought out their self-titled new debut record today via Bella Union and since I really liked their single Bad Feeling and also the video to the song I looked forward to listen to the whole record. And now I am finally able to, settle back.

It all starts with a nice folkish choir followed by a riff build-up and nice female vocals. Found Love In A Graveyard turns out in a nice post-punkish opener with vocal lines that hardly reminds of The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart. They increase the pace on the second track Right Side of My Brain which has interesting riffs and perfectly fitting vocal lines. The folk roots come up again on The Fountain and Misery, the two next tracks. Especially the ending of Misery reminds of folkish songs of older 80’s or 70’s bands and it nicely intitates the next track Bad Feeling. Next track Stephen has that special something I need to start loving a song, the first time in this album and definitely a highlight on Veronica Falls. Beachy Head is as the name suggests some decent Surf Rock with background chorals, a nice track too. All Eyes On You is a good track but it lacked the thing that spots a good song. Next tracks The Box and Wedding Day had it in my opinion and marked the beginning of the last third of the album. Interesting thing on this record is the next track called Veronica Falls. It’s calming folk done like Fleet Foxes. Another favourite track of mine is Come On Over, where the post-punk influences clearly show up again. It starts stirring, turns calm and outspeeds again. At the very end the listener contracts in peaceful choirs.

Veronica Falls delivers a solid debut which is clearly influenced by older folk and post-punk bands. They don’t reinvent the wheel, they just scrounge forgotten melodies and convey a precious piece of nostalgia. It’s a very dark album with lyrics about death and loss. I liked it a lot and am already excited to listen to it’s following record to hear their progression. Rough diamond attitudes.

  • 7.8/10
[vimeo w=640&h=360]
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