MGMT covers Pink Floyd on ‘Jimmy Fallon’

MGMT covered Pink Floyd’s Lucifer Sam on daily ‘Late at night with Jimmy Fallon’ on their 7/7 dedication to Pink Floyd. Watch it on NBC.

James Blake Performs New Song

At the Music Box in L.A. James Blake played a new song last night called ‘Once We All Agree’, which will appear on his upcoming EP Enough Thunder. Watch the video below. [via]

Jonathan Pierce about ‘Kings Of Leon’

”Kings of Leon should split up and Sex on fire is one of the worst songs I’ve heard in my life.”

The Drums frontman Jonathan Pierce said to

“I would advise them to split up and stop making music, I don’t think they’re really helping anybody – they’ve never made a song that’s really touched me in any way. I honestly think that the new Britney Spears record is better than their songs – it sounds like a really great pop song and that’s what I really like. They’re very American bar rock and it’s not interesting, it doesn’t affect me at all. That ‘Sex On Fire’ song is one of the worst songs I’ve heard in my life.

Bassist Jared Followill doesn’t enjoy being in the band. I don’t think he really enjoys the music that Kings Of Leon are putting out. I’ve had long conversations with him and he’s very open to me. He has really great taste in music and likes really great bands – I think he looks at Kings of Leon and it’s just a job that he has.”

Read the whole story here.

Bon Iver covering Don Williams

Justin Vernon and his beautiful band, together known as Bon Iver did play a cover of If Hollywood Don’t Need You from Don Williams. Watch it below.


Girls appeared at ‘Jimmy Fallon’

After the release of their second full-length Father, Son, Holy Ghost Girls played their first appearance on a TV-show at ‘Late at Night With Jimmy Fallon’. They played Honey Bunny and My Ma on web exclusively. Watch both here. (via

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