Twin Sister: In Heaven

Long Island based dream-pop quintet Twin Sister dropped their debut full-length In Heaven today. Hyped by blogs such as Pitchfork naming Twin Sister as #3 in ‘Best Hope for 2011’ we are quite interested what In Heaven finally sounds like. Previously released Gene Ciampi already sounded well, so we’ll see.

Daniel, first song on the record starts with chime, followed by beat and Andrea Castella’s voice, supported by dreamy keyboard-made soundscapes. Daniel catched my attention, next song Stop is well done too, with lots of effects and a nice melody, though not as good as Daniel so far as well as Bad Street did not impressed me at all, sure, there are great funky elements but the whole stuff is not as exciting as I expected In Heaven to be. Space Babe is a decent track with well done choruses and guitar-sound as well as I liked Kimmi In A Rice Field, where they turned into a more dreamy and chill-out direction again.

Second half of In Heaven starts with Luna’s Theme, which starts, as opening track Daniel did, with keyboard and vocals. Then turns into another dream-pop song enhanced with electronic elements. The change to the next song Spain is flowing, which is a more rocky track, which somehow reminds me of some old James Bond-soundtrack with some psych-rock as well. Successful track, in my opinion one of the most interesting on In Heaven. Next track Gene Ciampi was already released somewhere in August and I liked that track, had some summer-vibes and freaky guitar-sounds, as well psych-rock elements too. Saturday Sunday is again more into the dream-pop direction, but not a bad song as well, except the pronunciation of Sunday in this song, kinda strange. Last track is called Eastern Green, another highlight on the record, where they did what they can do best, producing beautiful keyboard-walls of different sounds, last minute was calm-down ambient, it concludes In Heaven fitting.

I am a bit dissapointed by In Heaven though I liked some songs such as Daniel, Space Babe, Gene Ciampi and especially Kimmi In A Rice Field. This record has many shapes, where they played various styles such as dream-pop, chillwave indications as well as psych-rock. I am honest the pace was too high and I liked the previous EPs much better, where they played a slower and more dreamier style. It is decent, they still have to work on their sound.

  • 7.2/10

Tammar: Visits

If you want to find out who or what Tammar really is, you won’t find much, just some reviews on Pitchfork and other blogs. Whatever it is real, it’s out on the market and the cover artwork looks good so anyway I’ll listen through. Seven songs, pretty long running times, Tammar, Visits.

Album starts with Heavy Tonight, a strange but catchy experimental rock opener with nice guitars and keyboards but turned out to be too monotone though for its nearly seven minutes. Next song is called Summer Fun and like these song-names they usually sound like summer. Not bad song and with four minutes not too long either, good riffs, good post-punkish chorus, succesfull highlight. The Last Line has also some nice ideas in it and it kinda reminds me of U2 somehow but they could have wanted to listen like some 80’s post-punk, quite well done. Deep Witness, next looong song with about seven minutes starts well with a groovy guitarline and echoed vocals, it’s a nice track too but you also would have seen the whole thing after five minutes.

Next opus Arrows Underwater is nearly nine minutes long, excited what this turns out like. It starts ambient, guitars tune in after a minute. So the whole thing has nice melodies in it but they just made all the songs a bit too long which makes this album very long-winded which tempts the listener to skip. Anyway after five minutes Arrows Underwater turns out quite enjoyable with a nice building-up. Yung Jun is not too long finally, good riffs that won’t get boring until the song ends. Frost Meter, already the last song on Visits is peaceful and chill, ending in a orgasmic spiral of kind and beautiful soundscape.

The album is truly not bad but as I already said before the songs are a bit too long to keep the whole thing really interesting. There were nice ideas and the instrumental work vocals and stuff is well done but I would have prefered ten shorter songs than these seven. Try to change it and something’s going to happen with this band.

  • 6.8/10

Teeth: Whatever

Ok, strangest and somehow worse cover I’ve seen in a long time, seriously. I expected Teeth from Filipino, the grunge band which was formed in 1993, bit after the real grunge-boom so they somehow missed the wave and won’t be recognized by many. Though they made three albums but then they vanished to thin air. Anyway this is not the Filipino one, it’s a new band from East London, playing a nintendo-ish form of dance-punk. Despite of the ugly cover art I’ll give it a spin.

First song Confusion started with some keyboard noise and an angered girls voice. The pace is punk-ish and the melodies are noisy and crazy, like the start. U R 1 is in the same style, same pace and arcade melodies. The whole thing gets even more cheesy with the third song Care Bear, you really can call it arcade-punk though this can’t be serious. The ‘fun’ goes on with Dead Boys, started promising, turned into the same paddle soundscape. If they wanted people to go postal to their sound they just did something wrong, at least in my opinion. Time Changes spares us with bad keyboard noise and brought out a catchy one, thank god. Liked the song somehow, don’t know why though.

As we’re talking about time and next song’s called This Time as well, I recognized one half’s almost over. So This Time again lacks of good melodies and choruses, with the last half minute you could do something well though. Pill Programm finally was some decent noise and I catched myself singin along ‘Watch what you say’. And surprise i also liked See Spaces, the next track which settled down the pace for the first time and did something noisewave-like. Flowers was previously released so I already knew this song. It was actually pretty good and that was why I decided to review this album and I have to say it’s still one of the catchiest tunes on Whatever. Last track Street Jams is an ‘instrumental’ track. Ah, it’s over finally.

After all it wasn’t that bad, the second half was indeed much better than the first except Confusion, which is along with Flowers, See Spaces and Pill Programm.. It did not thrilled me though. People might like this and if you want to check it out, do it. It’s just that you could leave half of the songs and could do a decent EP, that would have turned out better.

  • 5/10

James Blake Performs New Song

At the Music Box in L.A. James Blake played a new song last night called ‘Once We All Agree’, which will appear on his upcoming EP Enough Thunder. Watch the video below. [via]

Jonathan Pierce about ‘Kings Of Leon’

”Kings of Leon should split up and Sex on fire is one of the worst songs I’ve heard in my life.”

The Drums frontman Jonathan Pierce said to

“I would advise them to split up and stop making music, I don’t think they’re really helping anybody – they’ve never made a song that’s really touched me in any way. I honestly think that the new Britney Spears record is better than their songs – it sounds like a really great pop song and that’s what I really like. They’re very American bar rock and it’s not interesting, it doesn’t affect me at all. That ‘Sex On Fire’ song is one of the worst songs I’ve heard in my life.

Bassist Jared Followill doesn’t enjoy being in the band. I don’t think he really enjoys the music that Kings Of Leon are putting out. I’ve had long conversations with him and he’s very open to me. He has really great taste in music and likes really great bands – I think he looks at Kings of Leon and it’s just a job that he has.”

Read the whole story here.

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