Tammar: Visits

If you want to find out who or what Tammar really is, you won’t find much, just some reviews on Pitchfork and other blogs. Whatever it is real, it’s out on the market and the cover artwork looks good so anyway I’ll listen through. Seven songs, pretty long running times, Tammar, Visits.

Album starts with Heavy Tonight, a strange but catchy experimental rock opener with nice guitars and keyboards but turned out to be too monotone though for its nearly seven minutes. Next song is called Summer Fun and like these song-names they usually sound like summer. Not bad song and with four minutes not too long either, good riffs, good post-punkish chorus, succesfull highlight. The Last Line has also some nice ideas in it and it kinda reminds me of U2 somehow but they could have wanted to listen like some 80’s post-punk, quite well done. Deep Witness, next looong song with about seven minutes starts well with a groovy guitarline and echoed vocals, it’s a nice track too but you also would have seen the whole thing after five minutes.

Next opus Arrows Underwater is nearly nine minutes long, excited what this turns out like. It starts ambient, guitars tune in after a minute. So the whole thing has nice melodies in it but they just made all the songs a bit too long which makes this album very long-winded which tempts the listener to skip. Anyway after five minutes Arrows Underwater turns out quite enjoyable with a nice building-up. Yung Jun is not too long finally, good riffs that won’t get boring until the song ends. Frost Meter, already the last song on Visits is peaceful and chill, ending in a orgasmic spiral of kind and beautiful soundscape.

The album is truly not bad but as I already said before the songs are a bit too long to keep the whole thing really interesting. There were nice ideas and the instrumental work vocals and stuff is well done but I would have prefered ten shorter songs than these seven. Try to change it and something’s going to happen with this band.

  • 6.8/10

Wolves In The Throne Room: Celestial Lineage

Oh my, oh my, it is finally here. The long awaited new WITTR record Celestial Lineage. I don’t really have to introduce these guys first because probably most people already heard of them and secondly you cannot assign them to a genre or put them into the box of Black Metal because they set themselves apart from the general Black Metal band related to lyrics and music. They come from Olympia, Washington and are two brothers, Nathan and Aaron Weaver. They choose their influences from several genres and name artists like Neurosis as their influences.

Their known for their relatively long songs to build up a trancelike atmosphere and so is this album. There are four long tracks and between these long tracks there are ambient passages which support the building of a unique feeling. The whole record runs about an hour The album starts with some eerie noise and a female voice singing about three minutes. Then suddenly, appeared from nowhere an avalanche of sound carries you away. You really get lost in this first 11 minute song and then repose for a minute. At first listen I could not kept the first song Thuja Magus Imperium apart from the third Subterrean Illness but I think this album is a grower like the others bang in after a few listens. Rainbow Illness is another ambient track and Woodland Cathedral is a five minute female shouting and I had half a mind to skip the track but it was already over and Astral Blood crept over. I think this was my favourite track on this album. Loved the guitar melodies and the fast paced style on this. The last track Prayer Of Transformation is also an eleven minute piece and winds down the atmosphere. I think it perfectly finishes the album.

All in all I liked the second half, that are the last two songs better than the other songs though it all fits together as one piece and I think they aimed for that. At first sight I am a bit sobered but it’s still a great piece of music. As I mentioned before this will grow on me after a few listen, at least I hope so.

  • 7/10

(Get Celestial Lineage here)

The War On Drugs: Slave Ambient

Philadelphia based band The War On Drugs brought out their new record Slave Ambient on Secretly Canadian.

Download // Buy // warondrugs.net

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