New Video: Beirut ‘Santa Fe’

Beirut lately brought out a new video for Santa Fe from their latest record The Rip Tide. Watch it on or below.

Beirut: The Rip Tide

Santa Fe’s folkcollective Beirut around Zach Condon set the release of their third studio record on 29th of August in UK and 30rd in the US. It is digitally available since 2nd of August. It is a nine-song record which runs about 33 minutes and a few songs were already played on their tours in Europe and the US this summer.

They didn’t really improve their sound for the new release but that doesn’t really matter because they already found their own and unique sound. The only thing is that the sound gets a bit boring after three records. I found myself zone out at times not because it was boring just because it all sounded a bit like the old record. But they already got me after half with their beautiful orchestral sound.Favourite tracks were Santa Fe and East Harlem.

The Flying Club Cup was definitely better in my opinion but I will give it a second spin. Maybe it grows on me later. It is still perfect to hang out because it conveys freedom and lightheartedness to the listener. It made me happy anyway so I hope this band will exist for a long time and bring out more beautiful records. FTW!

  • 6.1/10

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