Teeth: Whatever

Ok, strangest and somehow worse cover I’ve seen in a long time, seriously. I expected Teeth from Filipino, the grunge band which was formed in 1993, bit after the real grunge-boom so they somehow missed the wave and won’t be recognized by many. Though they made three albums but then they vanished to thin air. Anyway this is not the Filipino one, it’s a new band from East London, playing a nintendo-ish form of dance-punk. Despite of the ugly cover art I’ll give it a spin.

First song Confusion started with some keyboard noise and an angered girls voice. The pace is punk-ish and the melodies are noisy and crazy, like the start. U R 1 is in the same style, same pace and arcade melodies. The whole thing gets even more cheesy with the third song Care Bear, you really can call it arcade-punk though this can’t be serious. The ‘fun’ goes on with Dead Boys, started promising, turned into the same paddle soundscape. If they wanted people to go postal to their sound they just did something wrong, at least in my opinion. Time Changes spares us with bad keyboard noise and brought out a catchy one, thank god. Liked the song somehow, don’t know why though.

As we’re talking about time and next song’s called This Time as well, I recognized one half’s almost over. So This Time again lacks of good melodies and choruses, with the last half minute you could do something well though. Pill Programm finally was some decent noise and I catched myself singin along ‘Watch what you say’. And surprise i also liked See Spaces, the next track which settled down the pace for the first time and did something noisewave-like. Flowers was previously released so I already knew this song. It was actually pretty good and that was why I decided to review this album and I have to say it’s still one of the catchiest tunes on Whatever. Last track Street Jams is an ‘instrumental’ track. Ah, it’s over finally.

After all it wasn’t that bad, the second half was indeed much better than the first except Confusion, which is along with Flowers, See Spaces and Pill Programm.. It did not thrilled me though. People might like this and if you want to check it out, do it. It’s just that you could leave half of the songs and could do a decent EP, that would have turned out better.

  • 5/10

The Rapture: In The Grace Of Your Love

In The Grace Of Your Love is the fourth record of NYC-based dance punk The Rapture. It was dropped on the market in the United States today on September 6th. The Rapture is already thirteen years old and therefore one of the more adult ambassador of the genre. The track ‘How Deep Is Your Love’ was already released as a single about two months ago and the tracklist was released a few weeks ago.

It all starts with a catchy keyboard melody and a ‘good-mood’-feeling, the song is called Sail Away. I really like this upbeat and it is also one of my favourites out of the album. Next song is called Miss You which is more calm and also slower, but they force up the pace again on Blue Bird, the third track. Come Back To Me has a catchy accordion in it and somehow reminds me of that summer-hit, how was it called? Ah right, Danza Kuduro. So I also liked third and fourth track. Next song In The Grace Of Your Love is the title track of the album. They show how easy it can be to produce a song which keeps stuck in your head at first listen. I am already shouting ‘In The Grace Of Your Looove!’ everywhere. Also one of the highlights of the album. Never Die Again and Roller Coaster, the next two songs are a bit faint and too repetitive in my opinion. Children has again a neat keyboard melody which brings back the already running out summertime and I also really like How Deep Is Your Love. It is in my opinion the best song on the record along with Sail Away. The last song has a minimal and jazzy lounge feeling at it, it is a nearly 6 minute long piece with a simple piano-melody and some saxophone sampling at the end and it somehow takes effect. It also does calm down the atmosphere to finish the record apposite.

I liked the album so far but there are also a few songs I didn’t like. I would have liked an album more like it’s predecessor Pieces Of The People We Love. They mostly neglected their post-punk influences and that was one thing I liked about The Rapture. Pieces Of The People We Love was better in my opinion and Echoes lasts as my favourite song. Keep going, rapture.

  • 7.1/10

(Get In The Grace Of Your Love here)

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