Cymbals Eat Guitars: Lenses Alien

I first recognized this band as a suggestion on my page and saw that they brought out a new album Lenses Alien the past days. Similar artists were Yuck, Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Stephen Malkmus so I thought you cannot really go totally wrong with this band and checked it out. They are from New York City and exist since 2005. They combine a few styles like noise and progressiveand create some interesting music.

The first song is a 8-minute piece, the longest by far on this album called Rifle Eyesight (Proper Name) and suddenly 90’s rock like Pavement and Nirvana came to my mind. Especially the voice of Joseph D’agostino perfectly fits this style of music. The third song Keep Me Waiting reminded me of the opener Freak Scene on Dinosaur Jr.’s Bug. I really like that each song is a summary of different genres and artists from the present and the past. Plainclothes is in contrast to the first three songs which are relatively high paced a calm song. Definite Darkness, the fifth track out of ten is again faster and again reminds strongly of Dinosaur Jr. and Pavement. It is also one of my favourite tracks out of the album. I also liked the prelude track The Current which included some nice psych-rock influences. The next track Wavelenghts could have been off In The Aeroplane Over The Sea from Neutral Milk Hotel, another one of my favourite album of the 90’s. The last two songs are also a bit more quite running though the last song shows off again a lot of great influences and is along with Definite Darkness one of my favourites out of this album. The last two minutes were some awesome noise tunes in best Sonic Youth manner. Yes, the ending was great.

I am really glad I discovered this quite interesting band though they have to improve their sound, play more things you won’t expect as a listener. This album showed many older or newer artists I really like but Cymbals Eat Guitars still have to work to close the gap to their ideals. At the end of the album it crossed my mind that it also reminded me a bit of Circa Survive. Lenses Alien is a good album, I enjoyed it but they still lean too much to their influences and still didn’t find their own sound. I am excited though to hear more of these guys in the near future.

  • 7.3/10

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Yuck: s/t

Yuck, formed by Daniel Blumberg and Max Bloom formerly from Cajun Dance Party, released on 15th of February their highly anticipated same-titled debut in the US and on 21st of February in UK and peaked #62. They’re signed to Fat Possum/ Mercury Records and gained high popularity by good critics such as Pitchfork or Rolling Stone. I also rarely saw a band’s debut being so mature and well-thought out.

It is awesome 90’s noise rock paired with shoegazy and dreamy riffing. You can hear out bands like Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine on Loveless or Pavement but the best description would be Dinosaur Jr.’s little brother. I think they would be a dignified follower if Dinosaur Jr. split up a second time. And the advisely used female vocals is the cherry on the cake. In my opinion it’s perfect to dream and float away at sunny after-noons, laying in the sun and just listen to this.

There is almost no bad song on this, there are just some highlights and I recognized the record gets better to the end. Especially Suck and Stutter give me chills down my neck every time I listen to it. I also like Sunday which is truly perfect for sundays to hang out somewhere and not think of anything. I am glad I discovered this band and keep stoked to see more of these guys in the future. Awesome music.

  • 8.6/10

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