Twin Sister: In Heaven

Long Island based dream-pop quintet Twin Sister dropped their debut full-length In Heaven today. Hyped by blogs such as Pitchfork naming Twin Sister as #3 in ‘Best Hope for 2011’ we are quite interested what In Heaven finally sounds like. Previously released Gene Ciampi already sounded well, so we’ll see.

Daniel, first song on the record starts with chime, followed by beat and Andrea Castella’s voice, supported by dreamy keyboard-made soundscapes. Daniel catched my attention, next song Stop is well done too, with lots of effects and a nice melody, though not as good as Daniel so far as well as Bad Street did not impressed me at all, sure, there are great funky elements but the whole stuff is not as exciting as I expected In Heaven to be. Space Babe is a decent track with well done choruses and guitar-sound as well as I liked Kimmi In A Rice Field, where they turned into a more dreamy and chill-out direction again.

Second half of In Heaven starts with Luna’s Theme, which starts, as opening track Daniel did, with keyboard and vocals. Then turns into another dream-pop song enhanced with electronic elements. The change to the next song Spain is flowing, which is a more rocky track, which somehow reminds me of some old James Bond-soundtrack with some psych-rock as well. Successful track, in my opinion one of the most interesting on In Heaven. Next track Gene Ciampi was already released somewhere in August and I liked that track, had some summer-vibes and freaky guitar-sounds, as well psych-rock elements too. Saturday Sunday is again more into the dream-pop direction, but not a bad song as well, except the pronunciation of Sunday in this song, kinda strange. Last track is called Eastern Green, another highlight on the record, where they did what they can do best, producing beautiful keyboard-walls of different sounds, last minute was calm-down ambient, it concludes In Heaven fitting.

I am a bit dissapointed by In Heaven though I liked some songs such as Daniel, Space Babe, Gene Ciampi and especially Kimmi In A Rice Field. This record has many shapes, where they played various styles such as dream-pop, chillwave indications as well as psych-rock. I am honest the pace was too high and I liked the previous EPs much better, where they played a slower and more dreamier style. It is decent, they still have to work on their sound.

  • 7.2/10

Remember: My Bloody Valentine

My Bloody Valentine are an influental dream pop/shoegaze-band from Dublin, Ireland. Former members were guitarist and vocalist Kevin Shield and the drummer Colm Ó Cíosóig. They played together since their childhood in the seventies in several other bands. My Bloody Valentine existed from 1983 to 1997 and now they’re active again since 2007. They took their name of a 1981 horror movie with the same name and name influences such as Sonic Youth, Velvet Underground and Cocteau Twins.

They have released two groundbreaking records, Isn’t Anything in 1988 and especially Loveless in 1991 who is often described as originator of modern shoegaze. Loveless was recorder from 1989 to 1991 in nineteen different studios and several artists name this album as an influence for their music.

It is said, that the production costs for Loveless range up to 500’000 $ and nearly bankrupted Creation Records, their label at that time. Shields said, that they worked longer on the lyrics than on the music but they are often difficult to understand because they recorder in the night and so Bilinda Butcher sounded sleepy. They signed to Warner Bros. to publish their music in the United States. Then finally in the late 1991 the record appeared on the market, wasn’t a great success in the UK though it ranged #24 in the charts. But music magazines like Rolling Stones or Pitchfork name Loveless as one of the best if not the best record of the 90s. They supported Dinosaur Jr. on their tour in the USA but the incomes for Loveless were too less to cope the debts of Creation and so they were dropped.

After the release 1991 they got signed by Island Records and went into studios again to record and later release their third record. But after they dispenced about 500’000 $ without any results they got kicked out by Island. After that distanced more and more from each other and so they broke up in 1992.

Isn’t Anything” was good enough to inspire an entire scene of My Bloody Valentine soundalikes, but “Loveless”‘ greatness proved that the band was inimitable (Heather Phares)

Stream: Big Deal ‘Lights Out’

London duo Big Deal, built up of Kacey Underwood and Alice Costelloe officially streamed their new record Lights Out on NME. It will officially be available on Monday 5th through Ramp. They played at the NME Radar Tour and at Reading Festival last weekend.

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