Sleep ∞ Over: Casual Diamond

Chillwave? Dream pop? Hipsters call it witchhouse. I’ll just call it awesome music. Sleep ∞ Over, a female trio from Austin, Texas will release their first record Forever somewhere this month on Hippos In Tanks. Listeners can rejoice in two previously released singles and latterly in a brand-new video to ‘Casual Diamond’. Christine Aprile, the director coped her challenge well and made a perfectly fitting video to the single.

Widowspeak: s/t

I came to these guys as I combed through, they were listed on popular artists and similar artists were Craft Spells and I Break Horses so I had to check this band out. So they come from New York City, Molly Hamilton, Michael Stasiak, and Rob Thomas.

They brought out two 7” this spring with Harsh Realm and Gun Shy on it, the first two songs off the new record. Much more you won’t find yet about the trio on the net but I’m sure you will hear more from Widowspeak in the future. What we have here is moony surf rock with refreshing female vocals and yes, you got it, another soundtrack to the summer. They don’t have to hide from established female-fronted acts such as Cults, The Naked And Famous or Best Coast. They have to compete against Crazy For You, a nearly perfect debut from Best Coast but they well cope with it. Though they play a bit more mid-tempo rock with more use of organs and effect pads.

My favorite songs which got stucked in my head at first listen were Harsh Realm, Limbs, Hard Times and Ghost Boy, where I actually got goosebumps. This is such a mature debut record and I am excited to hear more of them in the future. They perfectly tie in with a fairly list of great new artists I discovered this year so far. 2011 is a great year in music and Widowspeak is a part of it. Great!

  • 8.2/10

Download // Bandcamp

Twin Sister: Gene Ciampi (New Song)

(new Album ‘In Heaven’ comes out 27th of September on Domino Records)

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