Neon Indian: Era Extrana

Alan Palomo’s second strike as electronic artist Neon Indian is called Era Extrana. Physic Chasms, his first record, gained high popularity and good critics such as Pitchfork listed it numer 14 of the ’50 greatest albums of 2009′ and Rolling Stones named Neon Indian it ‘one of the hottest new artist of 2010’. I was stoked for this release because I loved Physic Chasms and the new record was teased with several little cuts of the new record such as Heart: Attack which is also the opener for Era Extrana. And so finally it is on the market and we can listen to it, and that’s what I’ll do now.

I really liked the teasers Heart: Attack, Heart: Decay and Heart: Release when they came out and they really fit into the whole album. I also liked Polish Girl, which also was released previously with a music video. But I absolutely loved The Blindside Kiss and Hex Girlfriend, which are my new favourites of him along with Physic Chasms. Cool tracks were also Fallout and the title track Era Extrana, slow and relaxing, just as chillwave should be. Halogen (I Could Be A Shadow) and Future Sick are cool tracks too but Suns Irrupt beats the shit out of them and is another highlight on Era Extrana. Side note, I don’t know but the cover artwork so beautifully fits to the tracks, you could close your eyes while listening to this and you would see these colors passing by. And so we are already at the last track called Arcade Blues. The background melody are the sounds from an old 80’s arcade machine, very nice. I loved these arcades when i was younger and so this track brings up memories, beautiful and sadly at the same time.

This is another great record out of a row of awesome new releases this month and comes next after St. Vincent’s Strange Mercy. I even liked it a bit better than other chillwave appearances like Washed Out’s new record Within And Without or I Break Horses’ record but I have to admit that they did great work on their debut. Neon Indian did two great records in his three years existence and is definitely one of the best chillwave artists out there. He did not changed his sound on this record, he just did what he can do best and I loved it.

  • 8.4/10

Video: Neon Indian ‘Polish Girl’

Neon Indian released a new video off his latest record Era Extrana (stream it here)

Stream: Neon Indian ‘Era Extrana’

Stream: Era Extrana

Stream the new Neon Indian record Era Extrana here. (Release date: September 13)

Neon Indian: Era Extrana

After good critics for his first record Physic Chasms, Neon Indian or better known as Alan Palomo is working on his second strike. Era Extrana has now a release date and will be dropped on September 13. There are already several teaser released.

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