Video: Trash Talk ‘Awake’

(off the upcoming Awake EP)

La Dispute: New Single ‘Harder Harmonies’

(from the upcoming record Wildlife out October 4th)

Circle Takes the Square: Decompositions – Vol I. Rites of Initiation

What we have here is quite an interesting record. After seven years Georgia based Screamo band Circle Takes The Square released a new EP. They had kept us in suspense with several studio outtakes but finally the waiting has an end. And even better it’s the first of three records soon to be released.

The EP runs about 20 minutes and the four songs perfectly stick together as if they would be one song. But you recognize it well because there are tempo changes. While the first, Enter By The Narrow Gates is very slow and builds up a ritual-like mood the second is faster and more typical to their old style. The third song with 9 minutes is the longest but easily the best song on the EP. There is all you need included in this song, some awesome mathcore parts and calm passages to build up pressure just to tear down all the walls at the end again. Then at first listen you don’t recognize the change from third to last song but it starts with some messy guitars and something like a church choir. Pretty nice idea to start the last song which reminds me of Tool with the spoken words. The rest is CTTS like you know them, straight forward screamo without any mercy.

In my opinion this comeback is very succesful and it doesn’t have to hide from it’s predecessors. I have to listen to it a couple of times to differentiate the songs but the first listen was highly positive. CTTS lives!

  • 8/10

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Touché Amoré: Parting The Sea Between Brightness And Me

Touché Amoré are a screamo act hailing from L.A. California influenced by bands such as Modern Life Is War currently on Europe tour with La Dispute and Death Is Not Glamorous. They brought out their second record on Deathwish Records on 6th of June. It has been leaked months before it has officially been released so I already knew the record. They gained high popularity with this record. I think they are now ideals for many young screamo bands that are new formed at the moment.

The meaning of the title is ‘to find comfort in oneself’ as vocalist Jeremy Bolm said in the interviews. They had a hard job by outgun their first record ‘…To The Beat of a Dead Horse’ but I have to say they did their job really good. It has been recorded live to give it a more raw and legit feeling. With a running time of 20 minutes and 13 tracks it has the same short track length as his predecessor and some might have very long to be into the tracks. It had very good critics saying it is a worthy representative of ‘…To The Beat of a Dead Horse’. The lyrics are pretty easy to learn and my personal favourites are ‘Art Official’, ‘Uppers / Downer’ and ‘Method Act’.

I had my fun with the record and it’s spinning on repeat at home. By the way if you have the chance to see them live please don’t miss it, they are awesome live. Jeremy Bolm sounds exactly like on the record. Screamo lives!

  • 8.2/10

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Iceage: New Brigade

What we have here is quite a new band hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark signed to a New York-based label What’s Your Rupture. They exist since 2008 but there wasn’t any EP or demo so this is the first record of them and I have to say it sounds pretty cool. In the end of June they played their first show in Brooklyn. It was already sold out. Some people talk about ‘the new hope in punk’.

The first thought as I watched the cover was WU LYF. It seems like those mysterious signs are kind of a trend now but as I kinda like WU LYF I definitely gave these guys a listen too. The songs aren’t that long and the whole album runs about 24 minutes, but I loved it. I heard a lot older post-punk and new/no wave-bands I love out of their songs like Joy Division or even Swans, I heard hardcore, I heard some shoegazing and there are also some catchy rock passages. It seems like you can hear about a dozen bands out of one single song which is absolutely an awesome fact. The guitars sounds very noisy, the production is thick and heavy and the vocals which reminds me a lot of The Smiths fits totally into the kind of listenable noise they produced. The pace is always very high what makes this album even more punk than rock.

All in all I really like this album and already heard it a few times through. For a first album it’s more than just good and this is a clear sign that the scene lives. Punk isn’t dead yet!

  • 8.5/10

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