Blood Orange: Coastal Grooves

What we have here is Coastal Grooves, the new work from Blood Orange, better known as Lightspeed Champion or under his real name Dev Hynes. He is famous for his works for artists such as Chemical Brothers or Arctic Monkeys. But he also makes music on his own and is able to play cello, guitar, piano, violin, drums and bass. He brought out his third record on 8th of August. I don’t really like the cover artwork but I made the mistake to not listen to records because of the artwork so I don’t really argue on that.

There are 10 tracks and a running time of about 40 minutes. The music is very experimental and funky and full of electronic elements. You cannot really categorize it but that is a great thing which makes it more interesting to listen to and you cannot name much similar artists also. It is a mix of funk, rock, shoegaze and dream pop and he all makes it by himself while his voice is very soul-ish. I very like this combination of various genres. There are many effects in style of 80’s new wave and it is like he combined a bunch of great ideas in every song. I especially love the middle-part of The Complete Knock or the guitar-part at Forget It. His voice really fits into the style of this record.

I really had my fun to listen to this record and want to recommend it to everyone out there who loves funky and experimental music. Also check out his other projects, they’re awesome as well.

  • 8/10

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