mp3: Atlas Sound ‘Amplifiers’

Deerhunter frontman Bradford Cox alias Atlas Sound released another single off his upcoming Parallax on 4AD. Stream the new track Amplifiers below.

mp3: Boris ‘Spoon’

Japanese Boris is going to release their fifteenth studio album called New Album. Spoon is a first cut off the record which is going to be dropped on 11/25. Get the mp3 below.

 mp3: Boris ‘Spoon’

mp3: James Blake ‘Enough Thunder’

James Blake is going to publish his new EP Enough Thunder soon and released the title song the past days. Stream Enough Thunder here.

mp3: James Blake ‘Fear To Fear’

James Blake releases a first piece out of his upcoming EP Enough Thunder, a first life sign after his groundbreaking debut full-length. Have a listen to Fear To Fear below.

mp3: Blackout Beach ‘Beautiful Burning Desire’

Carey Mercer alias Blackout Beach is going to release his third full-length called Fuck Death on November 15. Beautiful Burning Desire is the first track off Fuck Death.

mp3: ‘Beautiful Burning Desire’

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