Teeth: Whatever

Ok, strangest and somehow worse cover I’ve seen in a long time, seriously. I expected Teeth from Filipino, the grunge band which was formed in 1993, bit after the real grunge-boom so they somehow missed the wave and won’t be recognized by many. Though they made three albums but then they vanished to thin air. Anyway this is not the Filipino one, it’s a new band from East London, playing a nintendo-ish form of dance-punk. Despite of the ugly cover art I’ll give it a spin.

First song Confusion started with some keyboard noise and an angered girls voice. The pace is punk-ish and the melodies are noisy and crazy, like the start. U R 1 is in the same style, same pace and arcade melodies. The whole thing gets even more cheesy with the third song Care Bear, you really can call it arcade-punk though this can’t be serious. The ‘fun’ goes on with Dead Boys, started promising, turned into the same paddle soundscape. If they wanted people to go postal to their sound they just did something wrong, at least in my opinion. Time Changes spares us with bad keyboard noise and brought out a catchy one, thank god. Liked the song somehow, don’t know why though.

As we’re talking about time and next song’s called This Time as well, I recognized one half’s almost over. So This Time again lacks of good melodies and choruses, with the last half minute you could do something well though. Pill Programm finally was some decent noise and I catched myself singin along ‘Watch what you say’. And surprise i also liked See Spaces, the next track which settled down the pace for the first time and did something noisewave-like. Flowers was previously released so I already knew this song. It was actually pretty good and that was why I decided to review this album and I have to say it’s still one of the catchiest tunes on Whatever. Last track Street Jams is an ‘instrumental’ track. Ah, it’s over finally.

After all it wasn’t that bad, the second half was indeed much better than the first except Confusion, which is along with Flowers, See Spaces and Pill Programm.. It did not thrilled me though. People might like this and if you want to check it out, do it. It’s just that you could leave half of the songs and could do a decent EP, that would have turned out better.

  • 5/10

Video: Trash Talk ‘Awake’

(off the upcoming Awake EP)

Cerebral Ballzy: s/t

Cerebral Ballzy are a punk band formed in 2008 in Brooklyn, New York. They brought out their first record on Williams Street Records on 26th of July. They will play at Leeds Festival in a week and they already played at Summer Sonic Festival in Japan. In the run-up to the release they were massively hyped by Adult Swim through a 60 seconds commercial spot which is the music video to ‘Don’t Tell Me What To Do’ and so the release of their record was realitvely highly acclaimed. The result is a bit sobering.

What we have here is 80’s style punk/thrash in the vein of D.R.I. or Nuclear Assault which would be a good thing but the realisation is a bit dull and unispired. Maybe some tempo changes would make the whole thing a bit more interesting but most of the songs sounds the same and you can only memorize the singles which you heard previously. It might be fun to listen to at the first moment but you will soon lose the desire to listen to this record. It is perfect to listen to in the background or to skate to when you don’t really listen to it.

I had fun to the first three songs, then I realized this would go on the same until the end. Better listen to the real deal like Cryptic Slaughter or D.R.I. and not to this. I hope they improve their sound for the second record. At least there are bands to have a go at old crossover bands, but please try it better.

  • 3.7/10

Download // cerebralballzy.com

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