Mikal Cronin: s/t

Hailing from Laguna Beach, California surf and rock’n’roll fanatist Mikal Cronin takes you back to the 90’s with his refreshing mix of noise and garage with the typical surf-vibe of the Californian music scene. He already released the 7” Gone in 2010. Guest appearances from Ty Segall, with whom he collaborated already in 2009 releasing Reverse Shark Attack, John Dwyer and Mootheart makes the whole thing even more interesting and so his solo-debut was issued by Trouble In Mind records and dropped the market yesterday.

The album starts furious with Is It Alright, a nice surf-rock opener with many interestin tempo changes and a freaking awesome flute at the end that let me think about Audience or Jethro Tull. Apathy has positive borrowings of Oasis or something in that direction though Oasis wasn’t really interesting for me at all and they also can’t hit me with Beady Eye too, but back again to Mikal Cronin. Apathy is again full of noise and interesting things, heard it the third time through and I always found something new in his songs. On Green And Blue the vocals are absorbed behind a noisy guitar wall with some catchy gypsy minor, also a very intersting track. Get Along is some typical surf-rock track with that Californian brand mark I already mentioned before. Next song title Slow Down is very fitting, it’s an almost ambient keyboard track with relaxing Mikal Conin vox, nice discharger to get ready for the second half.

Gone and Situation are again surfy garage-rock tracks that bring back last feelings for warm temperatures and the beach. Again And Again repeates this scheme, though I liked this track much better than the previous few, again some tempo changes and interesting things to celebrate on this track, highlight. Hold On Me is a slower track in the style of Pavement and Dinosaur Jr. or Yuck, to name a newer example. And with The Way Thing Go we are already at the last track, seemed to be shorter which is a good thing. The last track is calm but powerful and effective and in my opinion one of the best on the album that turned into a faster direction after about three minutes and showed the garage and even punk influences for the last time. Another good idea was getting off-beat to the end to make it even more chaotic and let it all end into blank noise. Successfull!

This record came out of nothing but was so nice and refreshing in my opinion. Mentioned it already, it is on repeat and most of the songs are already stuck in my head and not seem to let me loose. I expected nothing else though because I already loved the Ty Segall collab. Check him out also if you want more of this style of music. I am excited to hear more of Mikal Cronin in the future and hope this wasn’t his last solo record. Hot new release!

  • 8.3/10

Yuck: New Tracks and upcoming Album

Yuck will release a deluxe edition of their self-titled debut record. It will be released on October 11 through Fat Possum. They already released one out of six new songs on the expanded edition. See the new tracklist and listen to Cousin Corona, Milkshake and Doctors In My Bed below.


Disc 1
01. Get Away
02. The Wall
03. Shook Down
04. Holing Out
05. Suicide Policeman
06. Georgia
07. Suck
08. Stutter
09. Operation
10. Sunday
11. Rose Gives A Lilly
12. Rubber

Disc 2
01. The Base of A Dream Is Empty
02. Milkshake
03. Coconut Bible
04. Cousin Corona
05. Doctors In My Bed
06. Soothe Me

Yuck: s/t

Yuck, formed by Daniel Blumberg and Max Bloom formerly from Cajun Dance Party, released on 15th of February their highly anticipated same-titled debut in the US and on 21st of February in UK and peaked #62. They’re signed to Fat Possum/ Mercury Records and gained high popularity by good critics such as Pitchfork or Rolling Stone. I also rarely saw a band’s debut being so mature and well-thought out.

It is awesome 90’s noise rock paired with shoegazy and dreamy riffing. You can hear out bands like Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine on Loveless or Pavement but the best description would be Dinosaur Jr.’s little brother. I think they would be a dignified follower if Dinosaur Jr. split up a second time. And the advisely used female vocals is the cherry on the cake. In my opinion it’s perfect to dream and float away at sunny after-noons, laying in the sun and just listen to this.

There is almost no bad song on this, there are just some highlights and I recognized the record gets better to the end. Especially Suck and Stutter give me chills down my neck every time I listen to it. I also like Sunday which is truly perfect for sundays to hang out somewhere and not think of anything. I am glad I discovered this band and keep stoked to see more of these guys in the future. Awesome music.

  • 8.6/10

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