Youth Lagoon: The Year Of Hibernation

When the year began Trevor Powers started making music in his bedroom at Boise State, Idaho. Powers said, he must write songs because there would be so many things in his head that would hunt him, so he sings about problems, fear and veils it in beautiful melodies and soundscapes. As he put some mp3 on his MySpace, Youth Lagoon soon got recognized by Pitchfork and suddenly was mentioned on blogs everywhere. Then he signed to Fat Possum as they realized Year Of Hibernation is going to explode when it’s coming out, so they did. And so it is.

With the current hype of new-forming chillwave- and electronica-bands you really have to sort out the great ones. Fortunately there are enough to mention like I Break Horses, Active Child, Purity Ring or the now focused Youth Lagoon. They all brought great debuts out 2011, a year where everybody seems to get his money’s worth. There weren’t as much revivals of presumed dead genres and upcoming music ever and I think this year will be recognized in the future as a about-face in the right direction of music.

So Year Of Hibernation is an 8-track-record and I soaked every single minute of it, starting with Afternoon. Powers’ style of making music is a very mute one but very effective. Every song is a build-up to get the listeners the best thrills they every had. So Afternoon is followed by Cannons, previously seen on the internet as most of the tracks couriously appeared on YouTube, few released by Powers itself, few taken from leaks. I plead guilty by spinning Year Of Hibernation about twenty times before it officially was released but I’ll definitely going to buy this. So Cannons is another highlight out of eight on this album, there’s simply no bad song on this. Daydream starts catchy, ends with beautiful shoutings and melodies. The following tracks July and Montana are two of my favourite songs of 2011. July starts nearly mute but still listenable keyboards and murmuring vocals, ends up with another great build-up, done perfectly. Beautiful, beautiful tunes. Montana is even better, one of the most beautiful and sad tunes I have ever heard in a long time. I also love the music video to Montana, which understood the song perfectly in my opinion. I always get thrills all over my body when I listen to this piece of art.

Posters is another great track with prefect happy-melancholic melodies and Powers’ voice I already took to heart. Seventeen handles from his youth as a teenager, when he ‘hunted snakes’ and his mother said to him ‘Don’t stop imagining. The day that you do is the day that you die.’ The last track on Year Of Hibernation is called The Hunt. I did not really got the lyrics but the themes are something like loving and subjection. It’s a beautiful ending for a beautiful record, a highlight in 2011 and lovely piece of art for everyone who loves music.

  • 9.2/10

New Video: Youth Lagoon ‘Montana’

Editor: Tyler T Williams (from upcoming record The Year of Hibernation out September 27th on Fat Possum)

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